Three Quarter Houses

Three Quarter HouseAs one of a dwindling few housing options for reentering citizens, three quarter houses are of utmost concern to PRI. Three-Quarter Houses: The View from the Inside is the first  systematic and comprehensive study of Three-Quarter Housing in New York City. In collaboration with MFY Legal  Services and Neighbors Together, the Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice conducted focus  groups and interviews with tenants of Three-Quarter Houses. The investigation revealed rampant building code violations,  dangerous overcrowding, and illegal practices—including unlawful evictions without court process and dubious ties to  programs that bill Medicaid. The report findings also stressed the lack of available alternatives, and the need to develop policy  solutions that will protect residents’ safety and housing options. Read more or download the report now.

As advocates for safe, secure, and affordable housing for all residents of New York City, PRI continues to provide insight on the impact and effects of three quarter houses. Click here to read PRI Policy Director Alison Wilkey’s October 6th, 2016 testimony on three quarter houses before the New York City Council’s Committee on Housing & Buildings and Committee on General Welfare.