Jordan Guillen Perry

Jordan Guillen (Perry) started her career in criminal justice reform with the NYC Department of Probation, where she co-created and ran an Alternative to Incarceration program for Brooklyn youth. Jordan later went on to be a Probation Officer for young adults in East New York, Brooklyn, where she co-founded and facilitated a women’s group. In this position, Jordan learned about penal law and the courts, but ultimately, decided to pivot into the re-entry sphere. Jordan worked at The Fortune Society as the Director of Community Services for Rikers Island re-entry, overseeing a team that assisted men and women transition back into the community post-incarceration.

Jordan earned her bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies from SUNY Oneonta and went on to pursue her Masters in Nonprofit Management from The New School. She started with the Institute as the Director of College and Career Pathways in May of 2023, aiding in bridging college and career together at the Institute.