Collaborating to Maximize Success

PRI exists at a unique nexus between higher education, criminal justice, and public policy, making it a trusted source in the field for information and resources on reentry issues. As such, we excel at building partnerships and collaborating with organizations doing similar work, leveraging our combined expertise to design and implement programs serving those in the reentry community.

Learn more about our key collaborative partnerships:

Fellowship Initiatives
PRI administers two fellowship programs in partnership with like-minded foundations to help develop the next generation of policymakers and practitioners. Our Pinkerton Community Fellowships provide undergraduate and graduate students with direct service placements in leading agencies serving the justice involved, while our Tow Policy Advocacy Fellowships place graduate students in internships with successful social justice organizations.

Educational Initiatives
PRI works in partnership with organizations providing direct services to current and formerly incarcerated individuals seeking to obtain post-secondary education. The Prison-to-College Pipeline provides in-prison education as well as reentry planning and college placement support. College Initiative supports students through the process of applications, financial aid, enrollment, and beyond through its nationally recognized peer mentorship model

New York City Justice Corps
The NYC Justice Corps seeks to address the reintegration challenges of justice-involved young adults ages 18-24. Administered by PRI in partnership with the New York City Center for Economic Opportunity and the Mayor’s Young Men’s Initiative, the program seeks to instill in its Corps members a sense of civic responsibility and accountability to the communities to which they return and to tangibly improve their prospects for personal and professional success.

NYCHA Work Group
PRI convened a cross-section of organizations working in housing, legal services, and criminal justice to review NYCHA practices concerning permanent exclusion and ineligibility due to criminal history. Learn more.