Our Voice

Our Voice is a quarterly student newsletter written for, by, and about our College Initiatives and Prison-to-College Pipeline students. Our Voice features student spotlights, current affairs, events, poems, stories, and community news, building community across our student body and sharing our students’ success with the wider public.


Our Voice was designed by a group of PRI’s interns and Pinkerton fellows in summer 2016 with input and guidance from 54 different students in the Prison-to-College Pipeline and College Initiative programs.

PRI would like to thank the team who worked on the inaugural edition of this newsletter: Vanessa Castro-Mora, Olivia Charles, Miguelina (Miggie) Garcia, Anna Giannicchi, Rosana Hanif, Jeanette Luna, Julia Ramirez and Desiree Sanii.  We would also like to thank Marlen Martinez, our Pinkerton Fellow, who produces the current editions.


If you are an EI student interested in being interviewed or having your work featured in Our Voice, please contact us via email, or mail a hard copy of your submission to:

Attn: Our Voice
John Jay College Prisoner Reentry Institute
524 West 59th Street, Room 609B
New York, NY 10019