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Welcome to the NYC Justice Corps Toolbox! You are now part of a Learning Community that provides professional development for the staff of the NYC Justice Corps.
Staff teaching staff—that is a crucial focus for our professional development. The in-person Learning Community in NYC is a forum for identifying promising practices as they emerge in the daily experience of NYC Justice Corps professionals. By sharing strategies with each other, the NYC Justice Corps staff are able to adapt each other’s work across the program sites in four boroughs and strengthen the program model.
This toolbox—part of our virtual Learning Community—aims to expand the knowledge base in the reentry field by making available to a wide audience of practitioners the lessons learned in the NYC Justice Corps and the training materials developed for our staff.
The tools and resources you will find in this virtual Learning Community come from the hard work and wisdom of NYC Justice Corps staff. Many of these resources were developed in the course of program operations, and they are included here as models you can use to replicate or adapt components of the NYC Justice Corps in your community. Some resources were created by the Youth Development Institute in partnership with the Prisoner Reentry Institute of John Jay College of Criminal Justice and the NYC Justice Corps Program Directors.
The Prisoner Reentry Institute wishes to thank the NYC Mayor’s Office Center for Economic Opportunity for supporting the Learning Community—in its real-world and virtual incarnations.
PRI extends a special thanks to all NYC Justice Corps staff who have participated in the Learning Community meetings and acknowledges the following current and former staff for their contributions to the Toolbox materials:
Tai Merey Alex
Debbie Boar
Tenaja Jordan
Monique de la Oz
Dorick Scarpelli
Carlyle Tom
Alison Trenk