College Pathways

Together with the Borough of Manhattan Community College, the Institute for Justice and Opportunity offers credit-bearing college courses at New York City correctional facilities. Collectively known as College Pathways, these courses inspire incarcerated students to work toward a post-secondary degree, laying a foundation for continued academic success. Many College Pathways students join the College Initiative community after release. 

College Pathways Goals

  • Sharpen students’ critical thinking skills through substantive readings, structured writing assignments, and ongoing discussions, which can support them in making informed decisions in academic, professional, and interpersonal contexts.
  • Train students to use analytical skills in reading, writing, listening, oral presentations, and research.
  • Challenge students to make and evaluate arguments, and to address questions of social inequalities, especially those related to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation.
  • Use a variety of historical, literary, and theoretical texts to explore how existing power structures benefit some certain groups and limit or oppress others.

For more information contact Miguel Molina or Veronica Dingwall.