Intake & Resource Coordinator, Educational Initiatives

The Prisoner Reentry Institute (PRI) at John Jay College of Criminal Justice is seeking a full-time Intake & Resource Coordinator to serve as the first point of contact for students interested in going to college after involvement with the criminal justice system. College Initiative (CI) — a project of PRI’s Educational Initiatives (EI) — is dedicated to creating successful pathways to college for students who have been involved in the criminal justice system. The Intake & Resource Coordinator will have a dual focus on engagement and resources. S/he will be responsible for supporting students through the three-part process of becoming part of the College Initiative community: a one-on-one consultation, orientation and matching students to an Academic Counselor. The Intake & Resource Coordinator will also be responsible for researching, organizing and sharing resources available to the students in the community. S/he will work closely with the academic counseling staff to keep them up to speed on resources available for the students they serve. The Intake & Resource Coordinator will be supervised by the Director of Community-Based Services and meet for weekly supervision. In addition to supervision, they will be required to attend staff meetings and counseling meetings. The Intake/Resource Coordinator will also have the opportunity to visit correctional facilities with both our city and state outreach coordinators to meet potential students while they are still inside. Click here to read the full job description and apply.